Domain 4

Domain 3

One-health vision on environmental hazards, toxicology and  epigenetics

Human-nature interaction can often result in cascading consequences for the environment, animals, or public health. Hence, the study of the anthropogenic activities bearing environmental and hazardous impacts, and negative consequences for living organisms is of crucial importance. This section involves, but is not limited to, toxicology and nanotoxicology, analysis and monitoring of microplastics and related effects on fauna (including bio magnification and translocation across trophic levels), microplastics accumulations in dunes, exposomic, and epigenomics.

September 28, h 9,00 CEST

Keynote Speakers
Antonio Moreda Piñeiro –USC
Mohamed Banni – University of Sousse

Keynote Speakers
Peter van den Hazel – ISDE International
Alberto Izzotti – Università di Genova

Domain topics

  • Toxicology and Microplastic
  • Nanotoxicology 
  • analysis and monitoring microplastic 
  • effects on animals and fauna [fish, bovines] (biomagnification, food chain)
  • microplastic accumulation in dunes 
  • exposomic
  • epigenomics