Dimension 2


Digital Dimension

Digital Health collects the legacy of the paradigm shift established with the introduction of the concept of electronic healthcare (or eHealth) at the beginning of the new millennium, and merged in a subsequent phase into that of connected healthcare. It is therefore a discipline that arises at the crossroads between engineering skills (especially computer science) and medicine (understood in a holistic sense, therefore connected to both the health and wellbeing spheres), aimed at pursuing innovative results in terms of integration between digital technologies in order to strengthen aspects of efficiency, precision and personalization in the wider health ecosystem.
The One Digital Health paradigm brings with it new opportunities for interaction between data related to human, veterinary and environmental contexts, aimed at supporting the implementation of specific intervention actions.
Furthermore, in face of the need for increased monitoring, reporting and prediction capacities to build resilience and preparedness towards environmental threats and climate events potentially harmful for people and the planet, digital technologies are wide spreading. 
Last, the expanding use of digital tools and devices among the population has the potential to democratise science and access to trustful information, as well as promote citizens’ proactive participation in health and environmental policy planning and interventions.

Domain topics

  • ADigital health intervention
  • mHealth/eHealth application,
  • Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Health,
  • Environmental Health Technology
  • One Digital Health, Digital technologies for Planetary Health,
  • Digital Disease Surveillance,
  • Digital solutions for prediction, monitoring and reporting of environmental threats and climate events,
  • Big data analytics, IoT and sensors,
  • Digital tools for environmental health community-based reporting / citizen science experiments