Domain 2

Domain 2

One Health in transition cities, big data and urban metabolism

This domain focuses on a new systemic approach to the urban economic development based on the principles net-zero, decarbonization, energy sufficiency and of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and generating natural systems through the use of big data analytics. Thus offering an integrated and holistic viewpoint of all the city’s activities in transition, of its levels of resource productivity and urban systems’ efficiency and sustainability.

September 27, h 14.00 CEST

Keynote Speakers
Carlos Dora – President ISUH
Mark Neuhausen – ISGlobal

Keynote Speakers
Ingrid Coetzee –ICLEI
Francesco Pedracchini – CNR IIA

Domain topics

  • Net Zero, Decarbonization  and health Cities
  • Big data analytics for epidemiology and environmental monitorinCitizen science
  • Nature based solution (multidimensional approach)
  • Air Quality and healthier cities-
  • Metabolism of cities and implication on health