Dubai, Emirates, 08/12/2023

With honor and pleasure the Scientific Commission of the 2nd International One-Health Conference has released the One-Health 2023 Position Paper – Bridging the gap from science to policy, from policy to implementation at COP 28.
The document summarizes highlights of the 2nd International One Health Conference ( held in Barcelona, Spain,  2023 on October 18-20th 2023. The document  serves as a roadmap for future health leaders, detailing several concrete scientific evidence, reflections, and action points that were discussed and have the potential to be pivotal if operationalized in sustainable integrated policies. 

The text introduces the critical intersection of health and climate change welcomes emphasizing the urgent need for a multidisciplinary approach. but with the idea to bring a One Health approach as a Renaissance Key, turning from eco-anxiety to eco-hope.

The position paper  the Lancet Countdown Report for 2023, the Budapest declaration, adopted by European countries during the 7th Ministerial Conference on Environment and HealthHealth in All Policies (HiAP). vision of  One-Digital HealthBarcelona Convention and INC-3 underscoring the severe impacts of climate change on global health and framing COP 28 as a pivotal opportunity for health-focused climate action.

The 2nd One Health Conference 2023 blueprint recommendations in a glimpse:

  • Emphasize the critical intersection of global health and climate change, urging a multidisciplinary approach as the Lancet Countdown Report 2023 suggests. 
  • COP 28 is a pivotal opportunity for health-focused climate action.
  • The Conference advocates for integrated, transdisciplinary, and multisectoral approaches aligned with Agenda 2030 and Budapest Declaration.
  • Europe faces environmental risk factors contributing to 1.4 million deaths annually, with arboviral infections like dengue becoming more relevant, linked to northward movement of viruses and vectors, exacerbated by climate change and wars.
  • Advocated for the “Health in All Policies (HiAP)” approach, which is aligned with SDGs and the crucial role of urban spaces and community involvement.
  • One-Digital Health envisions addressing climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss through digital and interconnected solutions.
  • The conference scientific committee pushes for a comprehensive One Health global approach, underscoring the necessity of a transdisciplinary approach for sustainable well-being. 
  • Operationalization will be possible through overcoming disciplinary silos, addressing  societal challenges, and fostering collaborative efforts highlighted as crucial steps.

The position paper has been also proposed at the Italian Senate on 13/12/2023 to see OneHealth as Key for a “new reinassance” from Ecoanxiety to Ecohope