Side Activities

Beside the conference program, the organizing commitee proposes some side activies around the conference, to live a full-experience of the International One-health Conference in Catania.
Side activities will start from September 26,2022
Below the calendar of side activities
You can select your participation by the registration form

September,26th 2022

SEPTEMBER 26th,2022 h 10.30 CEST

Beach Litter

For the conference launch we will organize a beach litter action on the Catania beach in collaboration with Plastic Free and Movimento Azzurro

The appointment is at 10.30 on Spiaggia Libera 1, “La Playa” Catania


September 26th, 2022
For the day before the conference a selection of touristic actraction and leisure activites will be provided to the participants

Etna Volcano Trip

From 6.00am – 5.30pm
pick-up at place

Participant can have the experience to visit the Etna volcano by a jeep journey and with the possibility to hike and trekking on the beatiful view of the volcano. The experience will be done in collaboration with ETNAROUND.
Watch this VIDEO to a glimpse

Dolphin Watching

From 2.00 pm to 5.30pm
at Catania port

Participant will have the opportunity to go to the open sea to watch the dolphins.
The activity will be in collaboration with MARECAMP
The activity will have a cost of 60 € for trip

September 26th,2022 h 18.00 -19.00

Benedectine Walk

Guided visit to the Church and the eaves of San Nicolò l’Arena

The Church, designed by Gian Battista Contini in 1687 amaze the eyes of onlookers who stroll through Piazza Dante is its monumental facade still unfinished today.
After visiting the church, participants wlll make a walk on the eaves walkways. Visitors can observe the historic center, the sea and Mount Etna from the roofs built on the highest point of the city, but first climb the 141 steps of its spiral staircase. It is a minimum effort considering that the roofs will offer a unique spectacle: it will be possible, in fact, to see the skyline of the Etna city up to the coasts of the city of Syracuse.
Prices and Infos on the link below

September 27/28th, 2022

During the conference days some leisure activies for company persons and participant will be organized

MorniNG from 10.00am

Visit to Isola Bella

In collaboration with the CUTGANA center there will be the possibility to visit for free ISOLA BELLA, this small island very near to the shore also known as “perl of Mediterranean“.



In the afternoon there will be the chance to visit the center of the city of Taormina

September 27th, h20.30 CEST

Social Dinner

at the Masseria Carminello a Valverde ( Catania)
Participant will be picked up at the conference venue at 20.00 CEST


For the ones are interested

Scuba Diving

For the ones are interested we put a list of scuba diving centers you can find in Catania.
The scuba diving activities are not officially organized by the conference but autonomously reached by participants under their responsibility