How to reach

How to reach Athens

Here some basic tips on how to reach Athens, this marvelous and historical city in Greece where the conference is located .
Below also a direct link to the touristic information of the city

Here also an entire Guide suggested to be consulted to discover the beauties of this wonderful region

By plane

The International Airport of Athens (abbreviation: AIA, IATA code: ATH) is the largest airport in Greece and the Balkan peninsula. It is also one of the busiest in Europe, as it was ranked 19th in the list of the busiest European airports in 2022.
It is located in the region of Spata, 30 km east of Athens’ city center and 15 km away from the port of Rafina.
The airport was named after Eleftherios Venizelos, a former Prime Minister of Greece and one of the most pivotal figures of the European political scene of the 20th century.
Hundreds of destinations in Greece and across the world are connected with AIA via both domestic and international flights.

By ferry/Ship

Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece. It has three portsPiraeus Port (12 km from the city centre), Rafina Port (32 km from the city centre) and Lavrion Port (50 km from the city centre).
From these ports depart ferries that connect mainland Greece with the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.
Ferries to most destinations leave from Piraeus, however, there are routes that operate exclusively from Rafina and Lavrion. The majority of the non-seasonal routes (i.e. the routes that operate all year round) also depart from Piraeus.
During the tourist season, dozens of ships depart from the ports of Athens on a daily basis. Due to the increased passenger traffic, travelers should book their ferry tickets as early as possible.
Both conventional and high-speed ferries connect the Greek capital with the islands.

By Train

Most trains depart from Larissa Station, close to the center of Athens. The train is the cheapest way to travel to Greece. They are usually slow as they make frequent stops. The railway network of Greece is approximately 2,500 km long, covering a large part of the mainland and linking the country with central Europe and Turkey. There are regular and express trains from Athens to Thessaloniki, with the regular trains continuing to Alexandroupolis.The Greek railway company Hellenic Train operates services between some of the country’s main cities including Athens and Thessaloniki. Find train times on the Hellenic Train website.

By Car/Bus

KTEL (Suburban) buses connect suburban places and towns around Greece. There are buses from Athens to almost all towns around the country. There are two main bus stations in Athens: Kifissos KTEL Station and Liossion KTEL Station. Most buses depart from Kifissos Station while Liossion Station serves destinations in central Greece and a few destinations in northern Greece.


CAR NAVIGATOR (discouraged)

Once in ATHENS

How to reach the venue

The conferenze will be health at EUROPEAN PUBLIC LAW ORGANIZATION -EPLO Conference hall entrance, Poikilis St., Plaka, 10555 Athens

To come to the venue

From the Airport

From the Station

From the Port