Gea Olivieri

 Gea Marzia Oliveri Conti

Gea Marzia Oliveri Conti, born in Catania (CT) on the 31st July 1973, is researcher at the Department of Medical, Surgical and Advanced Technologies “G.F. Ingrassia” of the University of Catania by 2018.

She was Post-Doctoral Researcher (2008-2018) at the “G.F. Ingrassia” Department of University of Catania with the environmental hygiene projects.  

Graduated summa cum laude in Biological Sciences at the University of Catania (2002), she was Research fellow – Consorzio Catania Ricerche. Project Prot. 1999/ IT.16.1.PO.011 / 3.13 / 7.2.4 / 339 n.238, “Training of young researchers in the remediation of contaminated sites”, POR SICILIA 2000-2006 ASSE 3 Measure 3.13 RIC action “Control of the effectiveness of the remediation of sites contaminated by asbestos” in 2007.

PhD in Applied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Catania in 2007.

She is a component by 2008 of LIAA staff (Environmental Hygiene and Food Laboratory) of University of Catania, LIAA is accredited with ACCREDIA – UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Professor of Hygiene for several courses of degree of School of Medicine of University of Catania and Department of Political Sciences, University of Catania.

She was Visiting Researcher in Environmental Health Department of T-CHAN Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (2016). Prof. Oliveri Conti is member of the editorial boards of several impacted and indexed international scientific journals (Molecular Medicine Reports, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Hygiene, Frontiers in Bioscience Landmark, Scientific Reports, etc… She was Guest editor of several Special issues in Food and Chemical Toxicology (2017, Elsevier); Atmosphere (2019-2021, MDPI); Environmental Research (2021, Elsevier). She got the national enabling (2017-ASN) as Associate Professor and (2020) as Full Professor both in “Preventive Medicine and Public Health” (06-M1-MED/42).  Since 2019-to today she is Expert Consultant of Epidemiology for the Joint Research Centre | European Commission to support EURL ECVAM’s thyroid validation study “European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods – EU NETVAL. Since 2021 to today Expert Consultant for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, ONU) for the topic microplastics in food.  

Author of the Italian patent 102018000003337 (03/07/2018) “Metodo per l’estrazione e la determinazione di microplastiche in campioni a matrici organiche e inorganiche”,  2019 and international patent PCT / IB2019 / 051838 del 7/03/2019 “Method for the extraction and determination of microplastics in samples with organic and inorganic matrices”. Since 2019-to today she is component of the board of CIRS (Comitato Interdisciplinare sul tema dei Rifiuti e Salute – Camera dei Deputati) (Interdisciplinary Committee on the topic of Waste and Health, Chamber of Deputies). Rome, Italy. Prof. Oliveri Conti was awarded with (2019) “Young Researchers Award” by the Italian Society of Hygiene” (SItI), (2021) “Best Researcher Award” (certificate n. 10232, January 2, 2021), NESIN 2020 Awards, “for the Contribution and Honorable Achievement in Innovative Research Given under seal of the company”, India. (2021) “Outstanding Scientist Award” by VDGOOD Professional Association , International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine,  28 & 29-Aug 2021 ,Trivandrum, India. Finally, she won (2021) the “Best innovator woman” by Italian Association of Women Inventors and Innovators.  She published 408 publications (144 full articles, monographs, academic books and chapters, proceedings of national and international congress and conferences) covered various issues of epidemiology, environmental hygiene, ecotoxicology, food hygiene and nutrition safety, hospital hygiene, etc… The publications reviewed on Scopus (N= 132) have achieved a total of 3610 citations with an H index=37. On Google Scholar (N= 224), instead, she have achieved a total of 4852 citations with an H index=43.  Orcid ID: 00 00-0003-1857-8612