Domenico Vito

Domenico VIto, PhD

PhD engineer, works in European projects on air quality in northern Italy and collaborate as researcher at the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, Department of Geography at San Diego State University, San Diego, California.
He has been an observer of the Conferences of the Parties since 2015 – the year in which the Paris Agreement was approved by the parties. Member of the Italian Society of Climate Sciences (SISC), he is active in various environmental organizations and networks (The Climate Reality Project) and has been active participant in YOUNGO, the constituent of young people within the Framework Convention of Nations Unite in which he took part of various working groups (Energy, Health, Agriculture) and thematic coordinator of two WGs in UNEP MGCY.Member of GACSA Promoter of the blog / YouTube channel HubZine Italia for dissemination on international negotiations and organizer of the Climate Change Symposiums and Climate Social Forum and Coordinator of the International Conference Urban Resilience and One Health 2021.

Scientific Interests: Climate Change, One Health. Community Resilience, Machine Learning, ICT 4 Development, Data Mining