Call for Abstracts

The OneHealth Conference launches a Call for Abstracts 
The call for abstract is open to collect contributions proposal engaged in the Conference debate and dialogue.

Authors are invited to submit their abstract (max 150 words) under one of the conference domains
The submission will be done through Easychair, using the provided template.

Word Abstract Template

How to Submit in Easychair

Guidelines to submit Abstract (easychair)

Guidelines Poster Submission

For any further information please contact:


June 15 , 2024 12.00 am UTC
June 30, 2024 12.00 am UTC
July 31, 2024 12.00 am UTC

Abstract Processing
  • The abstract will be accepted for the conference after a double-blinded peer review by the Scientific Committee of the International One Health Conference
  • The communication of acceptance will be provided by email by June 25th August 15th
  • Accepted contributions will present at the International One Health Conference 2024, October 15-17th, 2024
  • Date, time and modalities of the presentation will be communicated to the authors close to the date

Publication Opportunities

Every year the contributions of the conference will be published on peer-reviewed journal.
After the communication authors of the accepted abstract will be asked to eventually submit a full paper version to be published on the journal.

Also poster contributions will be accepted.

Indications for the full paper submission
  • Follow the template
  • Abstract should be no more than 150 words max
  • Full lenght of the paper need to be from min 5 pages and should not exceed 9 pages included figures and table
  • Papers need to be original: similarity rate more than 22% bring to the exclusion of the paper

Indications for the poster submission

  • Follow the template
  • Send the posters to , indicating in the object :
OneHealth 24 - Submission number : Name Correspondent author - Surname Correspondent author

Special Issue “Vulnerability and Resilience: A One-Health Approach to Environmental and Climate Risks in the Mediterranean”

Interested authors are also invited to submit their contribution to the Special Issue “Vulnerability and Resilience: A One-Health Approach to Environmental and Climate Risks in the Mediterranean” on MDPI.
The Special Issue is connected and dedicated to the conference and only works that not exceed the 20% of already published works will be considered for publishing.

The Special Issue will grant

  • A 20% discount on the APC for the papers selected from the conference
  • Advertise the conference in the homepage of the journal

Best paper awards

The most prominent publications from the conference will be selected for a free-waiver for publication of the special issue  “Vulnerability and Resilience: A One-Health Approach to Environmental and Climate Risks in the Mediterranean
Moreover the scientific commission will evaluate and award the 3 best papers for the conference as follow :

First Winner


CHF 800

+ Free pubblication on Special Issue

+ Certificate

Second Winner


CHF 500

+ Free pubblication on Special Issue

+ Certificate

Third winner


CHF 300

+ Free pubblication on Special Issue

+ Certificate

Domains framework 

The conference contributions and agenda will be organized standing the following Domain Framework .

Increase Ecosystems Resilience and Responsiveness


  • Pandemic and Epidemic Vulnerability
  • One-Health , vulnerable communities,
  • Wildlife Health and Conservation in Coastal Ecosystems
  • Vector-borne Diseases and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
  • Nature based Solution
Stock market analysis on digital tablet

Increase Community Resilience Responsiveness

  • Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemic Preparedness
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Production Practices
  • Urbanization and its Impact on Ecosystem Health
  • Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Practices for Health and Well-being
  • One Health Education and Capacity Building Initiatives
  • Big data analytics for epidemiology and environmental monitoring
  • Community health and resilience

Health effect of Disasters and Crises

  • Food Safety and Security in the Mediterranean Region
  • Antibiotic Resistance: A One Health Approach
  • Climate Change Impacts on Human and Animal Health
  • Socioeconomic Factors Influencing One Health Challenges in the Mediterranean
  • Heat Waves 
  • Resilient Health care systems 
  • Child and maternal health as element of resilience 
  • Human Rights and health (Vaccine and immunization)
  • Health strategies and application for minorities and disadvantaged people 
  • Ecoanxiety and Ecopsicology

Mitigate Ecosystem related  Vulnerability Risk

  • Zoonotic Disease Transmission: Understanding and Mitigating Risks
  • Marine Pollution and Its Effects on Human and Animal Health
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response in the Mediterranean Region
  • Waterborne Diseases and Aquatic Ecosystem Health
  • Drought and quality  to and access  Water
  • epigenomics

Mitigate Community related  Vulnerability Risk

  • Policy and Governance for One Health Approaches in the Mediterranean.
  • Wildlife Trade and its Implications for Human and Animal Health
  • Community preparedness to critical events

Important Dates

Call for Abstract

June 15th, 2024 12.00am CEST

June 30th, 2024 12.00am CEST

July 31th, 2024 12.00am CEST

Communication of acceptance(abstract)

June 25th, 2024 12.00am CEST

August 15th, 2024 12.00am CEST

Call for Full Papers/Posters

July 31th,2024 12.00am CEST

September 15th 12.00am CEST