Prof. Margherita Ferrante

Margherita Ferrante

Full Professor of General and Applied Hygiene SSD MED/42 at the Department of Medical, Surgical and Advanced Technologies “G. F. Ingrassia” (DGFI)-University of Catania.

Since 2018, she is Director of the Integrated Cancer Registry Catania-Messina-Enna (RTI, CT-ME-EN).

From 2012 to Today she is Director of Environmental and Food Hygiene Laboratory of University of Catania.

Since 2016, she is Director of Complex Operative Unit Hospital Hygiene, Policlinico “G. Rodolico-San Marco” of Catania first AOU Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele.
She is certified Auditor thank to the Quality Management Systems Auditor- Quality Management Systems Evaluators Course (40 hours) CERTIQUALITY-Institute for the certification of quality, environment, safety, agri-food, product, socialresponsibility, CE markings, Milan.

In 2021, she takes the final exam of the Health Management Course for Managers of Complex Structure , 40-hours, retraining form. At the University of Catania he has held and still holds numerous institutional roles (Secretary and President of the CdL, Secretary of the Specialization School, Head of AQ CdL Medicine and Surgery, Member of the School of Medicine,

Member of the University Didactic Commission, Member and Director of Research Centers Interdepartmental, Memberand President of Competitions, Member and President of Competition Commissions, Member and President of theCommission for Degree Exams, Doctoral Programs and Research Grants and Grants and CTU.

From 2017 she is Expert member of the “Environment and Health Task Force” of the Ministry of Health-General Directorate of Health Prevention (09/11/2017). From 2015 she is Member of the Contaminated Land Technical Commission (CTTC) and of the Interdisciplinary Commission for Wasteand Health (CIRS), national advisory bodies of the Chamber of Deputies.

From 2018 she is Member of the Regional Coordination Table of Health and Environment Issues of the Regional Department for Health Activities and Epidemiological Observatory Service 9 “Surveillance and Evaluative Epidemiology” of the Sicily Region. From 2019, she is Member of the regional co-ordination table of Cancer Registers of the Regional Department for Health Activities andEpidemiological Observatory Service 9 “Surveillance and Evaluative Epidemiology” of the Sicily Region.

From 2018, she is Permanent technical table member for research and innovation and development of Sicilian aquaculture.

Regional Department of Mediterranean Fisheries, Regional Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries of the Sicily Region. She is member of several scientific associations (American Chemical Society, Regional Commission for the revision of the guidelines for the surveillance and control of tuberculosis, Former National Coordinatorand Member of the restricted board of the Health and Environment working group of SItI (Italian Society of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine).

Member of the Teaching Board of the Doctoral Course in “Geological, Biological and Environmental Sciences” Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Catania from 2013-2014 to 2018.Member of the Teaching Board of the Doctoral Course in “Earth and Environmental Sciences” of the University of Catania.

Author of about 800 publications in national and international journals most on the environment and health topic and on climate change issues. Editor and Reviewer in numerous International Impacted Journals including Food and Chemical Toxicology and International Journal of Environmental Research  and Public Health. 

She is a member of IWA, ISEE, IWWG, IUPHE, EUPHA, FESTEM, AISETOV, S.It.I. and has received  numerous awards, including the Merli Award for the Environment in 2019.

ORCID ID 0000-0001-7596-2464.